List of top Directory WordPress themes

There are more than 100 directory themes available in the market, It wouldn't be appropriate to say only few of them are good; keeping in mind the amount of effort programers put to create them. Some of them are good in design where as some of them are good in loading time. Directory themes requires a lot of database space hence a good hosting server is highly required. With more than 10 years experience, I have realized one thing "DO NOT BELIEVE IN REVIEWS & NUMBER OF SALES". Most of us end up buying something which is not flexible to [...]

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Your Future is Written On Stone

I read an article on BBC "Physics suggests that the future is already set in stone" which suggests the future is set, Everything is predefined; your life is not under your control. This is funny because we as Hindus have always believed in this and since ages we are following Kundali ( a birth chart. It is a map of the sky as seen at the time of birth. It is the basis of predicting the future in astrology.) Science and the West has always made fun of Hindu culture; whether it's about how we treat cows or how we [...]

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Facts about corona virus

Covid-19 has pulled down the world's economy & has put millions in danger. People are doing their part by following governments order, We all are hoping things to get well soon. I have listed some facts about Covid-19. A single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets. Touching surfaces with virus is not thought to be the main cause of virus infection. Since we know very little about this virus, it is better to take extra care. Covid-19 is an influenza-like virus generally found in bats Since bats can accumulate higher body temperature while flying, they are immune to this virus. [...]

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Coronavirus Consequences

Coronavirus COVID-19) is a group or a family of viruses that attack the lungs and impair oxygen flow in the body. There are 7 different types of coronaviruses including Covid-19. Coronaviruses cause cold-like symptoms. What is a Virus? Most of us don't even understand what a virus is? A virus is a genetic material surrounded by a coat made of proteins. In simple terms viruses are something between living and dead, It requires a host to replicates/multiply.  Since a virus is not a living being it cannot be killed; it can only be deactivated or put to sleep. Our body [...]

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Best WordPress Hosting Providers

1. Bluehost Blue host is recommended by Wordpress.ORG, Bluehost is one of the most reputed brands in hosting, the prices are decent & services is excellent. Pros Recommended by Wordpress.org Free Domain Name for 1 Year Automatic WordPress Updates UPTIME: 99.99% Cons No free Email - You will have to purchase Microsoft Office 365 or Gsuite Domain Renewal price is high Slow page speed ( 1007ms ) 2. Hostgator Hostgator is another big name, This host Pros Free Migration Claims to be the easiest website hosting platform Excellent speed 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee 99.9% Uptime Cons Business Plan allows to host [...]

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Congress living in denial

Jyotiraditya Scindia has rightly said congress is living in denial. Political dimension has changed a lot since 2014 but congress hasn't. World is moving fast! In Which direction? time will tell! but as of now, congress has lost the plot. it's not that things have changed in just few years, It's just that congress never tried to read/understand this changing world. Favouritism Congress has favored a particular religion in the name of secularism. Congress need to understand the true meaning of secularism. I remember those days when even a constable was scared to enter into a particular religion's territory. These [...]

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List of Food to avoid coronavirus

Coronavirus has become a new threat to human society, It has affected the entire world and has already caused more than 6,000 deaths. Coronavirus has affected more than 1,59,000 people. Most of the death caused by the coronavirus are either elderly or people with health issues like diabetes, cancer, hypertension. This virus has caused more panic than they really deserve. People do die of cold, fever and other common viruses around but those death don't count much because they occur every now and then; and causes some deaths every day and hour. Well! We must have realized by now that [...]

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WPResidence Theme Review

Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme has 15,853  Sales, It is a real estate theme with good design and a decent support.  WPResidence theme comes with 12 pre-made demos to help you get started.   Who should buy this theme? If you are looking for a real estate site exactly how they have in the preview If your own a small real estate site that requires very little or no customization. If you want to list properties and agencies This theme can be translated into 32 Languages ( In built) This theme also includes Woocommerce for shop & Stripe as payment method [...]

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Divi Theme Review

Divi theme is the most popular WordPress theme in the world with more than 649,032 customers/ downloads. The Divi theme comes with an ultimate Visual Page Builder known as Divi Builder. Divi is more a framework than just a theme. It is useful for creating beautiful websites without writing a single line of code. Divi Page Builder is one of the most advance builder we have to-date. Divi Page builder is user friendly, super flexible & powerful page builder. It comes with number of  modules making site customization extremely useful. Since Divi Builder has a lot of options/modules you don't [...]

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Avada Theme Review

Avada is one of the most popular WordPress theme with 575,812+ Sales on themeforest.net. Avada is a light weight theme designed/developed by ThemeFusion. It is a multipurpose theme with lots of customization options. I have been using Avada theme since 9 Apr 2019, I am a freelancer with 10 years+ experience in WordPress, I have worked on more than 500 WordPress sites. Avada theme comes with 60 Prebuilt Websites that you can import with one click,  These Prebuilt demos covers most of the service types that a site can provide. Avada uses Fusion Builder, With the purchase of the Avada [...]

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