hibiscus-monsoon plant

Hibiscus is the beautiful flowers that grow in rainy season. This flower is very easy to grow and will give your garden amazing looks in monsoons. So, if you are flower lover then you can grow this flower in your garden this time.


lotus-monsoon plant

These flowers are best for those gardens in which there is pond because this flower grows in water. If you have a pond in your garden then you can enhance its beauty with the lotus plant. This flower looks exotic and best for rainy seasons.


golmuhar-monsoon plant

Gul Mohar plant needs more water and in the rainy season, they bloom. Their yellow color flowers make the garden very beautiful and attractive. Gul Mohur can add color and beauty to your garden.


jasmine-monsoon plantJasmine is another beautiful flower that you can use to decorate your garden at home. Its smell is very sweet and because its scent it is also known as “Gandharaja”.



marigold-monsoon plant

To add cheers to your garden you can grow marigolds there. This flower has tremendous varieties. They can grow singly or in clusters.


plumaria-monsoon plantThese Plumeria plants are native to tropical areas and they are small trees. They also are known as Lei flowers and frangipani. They are loved because of its fragrance and come in various colors.

7.Monsoon Cassia:

cassia-monsoon plant

In rainy season everyone wants to grow some new flowers in their garden to make garden exciting and vibrant. The yellow color Monsoon Cassia will give your garden amazing looks.


balsam-monsoon plantBalsam is another monsoon flower that can be perfect for your garden if you are going to plant flowers in monsoon. This flower comes in a various color that includes white, pink and blue, and violet. They bear double and single flower and get 20-60 cm tall.



cosmos-monsoon plant

Cosmos flowers are very beautiful and they are used for decoration purpose. These flowers are perfect for your cottage garden. These flowers are favorite among bees, birds, and butterflies. Their presence can attract butterflies to your garden.


sunflower-monsoon plantSunflower is the ostentatiously beautiful flower and this giant looking flower look very attractive and vibrant. It is recognized for its beauty and for its big yellow petals that give them different looks all over the world.