Advertisements are very important for channels to run, They cannot bear the cost of broadcasting if they have no advertisement, Advertisement is equally important for a brand to get it’s market, Big players like COKE  spend a lot of money in their ads, they try to make their ads as much interesting they can , I still remember some interesting ads like “Kuch khas hai hum sabi mein , kuch baat hai hum sabhi mein – cadbury ad “, i really used to like that ads , similarly there where other ads which we used to love.

Comparatively , I don’t find today’s ads much appealing , but still some brand ads are watchable , If the ads are interesting people will not touch the remote because they don’t want to miss their favourite movie or program for a second. This gives a lot of boost to ad makers , Higher brands put a lot of money showing beautiful places or incasting bigger actors but these things do not make ads interesting , you can incast small actors still you can make your ads interesting.

Most Annoying Ads

I hate those sales ads , buy 3 bed sheets , Cure your diabetes , Buy that unbreakable mobile  and so on , these ads are too lengthy ,  they are really boring , the moment these ads comes , i have to change the channel cause i cannot resist it, if these ads comes more, i leave that channel/program completely and try to watch something else, May be it’s not only me who is feeling this way, this is a huge loss to channels, they should work on this. How can you expect us watch these things everyday for 20 minutes, trust me these ads are 5-20 minutes in length.



Well as i said! i am not the only one who feels this way, Channels should  focus on reducing number of these kinds of ads and try to make them smaller in length. You are losing TRP slowly , this will affect your overall ADS quality, you will have to go with low paying ads and you will end up showing on these kinds of sales ads.

Channels should work closely with ad makers, they should do some experiment / research before making ads, like in “DIRTY” movie vidya balen has  said people want only 3 things “ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT , ENTERTAINMENT “.