Recent circular of RBI which have been issued to banks for cyber crimes and attacks which recently caused crores of rupee loss to the customers,is significant in the backdrop of recent debit cards scam in India.In order to prevent this loss and for the security of our cars from the fraudsters,we must know how these criminals and fraudsters work,and what are the different methods they use.There are some of the ATM and Point of sale fraud list which will help you to understand these activities:

  1. Keypad sticking

    The fraudsters jams the cancel and the enter keys with paste or embedding a stick or blades at the keys edge.A client who attempt to press the enter or OK key in the wake of entering the PIN,does not succeed, and thinks the machine is not working.Then trying to cancel the transaction falls flat also.The events followed by once the customer leave ATM which is immediately handled by the fraudsters itself and hence this way the fraud takes place through ATM.

  2. Card swapping

    Whenever the client uses their debit card at any shop or any particular point,the fraudster(who can be nay worker,waiter or any employee who work there)will make a note of the pin that is entered in and,while giving back the card,swap it with a similar looking card from a store of a few cards he keeps.With both card and pin,the fraudster can then pull back the money until the cardholder can hinder the card.

  3. Skimming

    This sort of method is more complex.A small skimming gadget or device is planted in the ATM’s debit card space,which can read the data on the card’s magnetic tape.The data once replicated can be duplicated on any card,which van be used to pull back the money.The client’s ATM pin is caught by a little camera that the fraudsters fixes in the ATM stand.Banks  by and large take the risk for skimming cheats and make good the loss of customers.

In any case of these types of frauds,the client must block the card after the primary case of abuse.