It’s good to see political parties coming together against money demonetization. People are suffering it’s true but political parties are more bothered about vote bank than people. Since we have seen and heard so much about politicians that anything they do; isn’t  taken positively.

Their actions are questionable , they wake up when it’s too late , Bigger problem arises when they wake up.  I heard these parties are planning a bandh on november 28th.

Bharat bandh on 28th november 2016

Bharat bandh on 28th november 2016

How can bandh help this country fight demonetization ? Are you trying to help the public  or  yourself ? Are you rattled by this demonetization because you will have no funds to fight next election?  Common no matter what your intention is but bandh hurts more , India is a huge country , In Every bandh this  country loses thousands of crores bringing this country’s economy even down. If these political parties really care about this country they should find some better way of protesting , Not by stalling the parliament. You guys are doing no good to country , This country still lacks education , they are divided between castes and religion. Once they understand development is only that matters, you guys will be left with no more games.

Our peoples are making the bundh due to solve some issues and providing good facilities to the every citizen.

Ruling Party

Ruling Party Bharat bandh on 28th november 2016

Modi wave has made BJP untouchable , Though it was really good for the BJP; it wasn’t over all good for the country , power balance is most important thing.  BJP being the largest party with no opposition , they are making all decisions as they please, They are Unbridled. This is doing more harm to the country , There should be some understanding between the ruling party and other parties. This balance is extremely important else at the end of the day people of india has to suffer.

A ruling party is also used to describe the party of one-party states, such as the Communist Party of China in the People’s Republic of China. In his political manifesto The Green Book, the late Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi attacked the ability of the ruling party, using it as a basis for his opposition to partisan politics. This is an main example of methods and rationale that dictatorships espouse to establish an unchanging monolithic society, tyrannical rule and autocracy, without any participatory opportunities offered to a population.

We get what we deserve

We get what we deserve Bharat bandh on 28th november 2016

can’t blame politicians for everything, We want a good country to live, those who have big money are happy living abroad, those who get chance to work on other countries are happy leaving this country , The left once have no choice, We people can dream Europe , America but we never give a thought of making this country a better place to live, When it comes to choosing a leader , First thing comes to our mind – Our caste , our religion  , our state …. When we can’t open our heart ; our mind  , how can we stop one bandh , it’s our fate , this is what we deserve it.