Some people are getting excited by congress downfall, Any true nationalist will understand how important congress is , Congress is the only national party which can complete with BJP , A balance in power is most important thing for any country to developed , Hence india badly need this balance and only option india has is congress .

Congress is getting old

No, doubt congress is getting old , Congress still follows it’s old book which will do no good to this party, You cannot sell the same item in same packaging for years, people are getting bored of “more poor , more hungry ” politics of congress , now they need to change with time, Focus on development, Focus on all not only minorities vote bank .

Congress Leadership

As a person i believe Rahul Gandhi is much better human than many politicians i have seen and heard but as a speaker, he is the worst speaker i have ever heard, I find his work and ideas good but again he is not a good speaker which is extremely important for a politician, Well ! neither manmohan singh is a good speaker, but still he is the man in control , he is good at what he does, Only in india it’s important that a leader should do more talking than working, But anyway congress need a good speaker ( a leader ) badly, Congress also need to think beyond traditional culture.