Jyotiraditya Scindia has rightly said congress is living in denial. Political dimension has changed a lot since 2014 but congress hasn’t. World is moving fast! In Which direction? time will tell! but as of now, congress has lost the plot. it’s not that things have changed in just few years, It’s just that congress never tried to read/understand this changing world.


Congress has favored a particular religion in the name of secularism. Congress need to understand the true meaning of secularism. I remember those days when even a constable was scared to enter into a particular religion’s territory. These particular religious people are seen violating traffic rules, not following traffic lanes, not following plastic ban and other government rules since they were never taught rules are for all.

Note: I have nothing against any religion. I just want things to be good for you and me.

Human are strange by nature; they don’t get pissed off so easily, but when they do; they forget there is something called common sense. What is happening today lacks common sense but who cares, there was no sense when there were terrorist attacks killing small children and innocents. There was no sense when a religion’s male was free to marry other religion’s female but not the other way round. People have suffered a lot of small issues due to religious inequality. I don’t say things has changed but yes it has reduced a bit.

Triple Talaq

What was congress stand on this and why? Why have a stand on something which is more related to human rights. How do you justify triple talaq? I understand this all plot was to gain milage by current government but congress didn’t stand as a good opposition. They lack experience as an opposition which is harming this country even more.


Congress is against CAA & NCR without much logic, Congress is still playing the old game of minority appeasement. Well CAA & NCR is not about minorities but against illegal immigrants. India is suffering by extremely high population, If India doesn’t make a move then it will be impossible for any government to cope with highly growing population in future. People entering from Bangladesh & Pakistan is a problem as some religious people don’t believe in population control. Bangladesh population has already touched 16 crore. Bangladesh is the world’s most populated country by density.

When it comes to population control , It reminds me of Sanjay Gandhi who took some extreme steps, Wish! he would have been success and we wouldn’t have been facing this issue today. But opposition & education of that generation made it an utter failure. Congress should oppose for real problems like Jobs, Growth Rate, rising prices etc.. not for the reasons that can offend other religion.  Naming a particular religion in CAA & NCR is just a publicity stunt, also allowing Hindu to enter the country isn’t going to help as India is already facing high unemployment rate. A country where states are more like a country, where people from another states are treated as second citizen; the idea of bringing in more people wouldn’t work.

  1. Which state will accept them?
  2. How will they be treated?
  3. How will they get jobs?
  4. India is already facing shortage of land and water.
  5. Inequality gives birth to crimes.

Rahul Gandhi as a leader

Rahul Gandhi could be a good human being but he certainly lacks leadership quality. I do appreciate his opinion on few issues. I feel Rahul Gandhi has communication problem, He doesn’t sound interesting, to grab people attention leader must be interesting, if not he should be at least funny like Laloo Yadav. You cannot convey your message unless people want to listen to you. Once they do! no matter how stupid you sound, they will make you their leader. He must work on that or Congress should look for an alternative.  It’s not about a party, it’s about the country and for India to grow we must need a good opposition, A good competition. BJP alone will not help this country, This country badly need a good opposition.


Why Modi is Popular?

  1. His messages are simple and clear, It reaches to all Indians
  2. He has a good media support
  3. He communicates with the crowd, He entertains the people.
  4. Modi has a great fan following, His fans are the biggest promoter of his agenda.
  5. Modi keeps things simple which is his biggest strength.