Coronavirus COVID-19) is a group or a family of viruses that attack the lungs and impair oxygen flow in the body. There are 7 different types of coronaviruses including Covid-19. Coronaviruses cause cold-like symptoms.

What is a Virus?

Most of us don’t even understand what a virus is? A virus is a genetic material surrounded by a coat made of proteins. In simple terms viruses are something between living and dead, It requires a host to replicates/multiply.  Since a virus is not a living being it cannot be killed; it can only be deactivated or put to sleep. Our body contains many types of viruses, not all viruses are harmful. Coronavirus has transmitted from animals so the human body is less prepared to fight against it.

Since viruses cannot be killed, the long term effect of Covid-19 is still unknown. like dengue viruses, common cold viruses and other many types of viruses that can reappear anytime, is Covid-19 going to reappear? Well! this depends on your immune power and is a subject to study.

Fact About Coronavirus ( Covid-19)

  1. Covid-19 is a coronavirus first detected in December 2019 hence named Covid-19.
  2. It has been about 4 months and this virus has infected over 223,104 people killing about 3% of its host(people).
  3.  About 22,000 people die every year due to dengue and about 56,000  people die every year due to flu.
  4. 1.25 million people die due to road accidents.

Data shows coronavirus is not as deadly as one might think; if we look coronavirus as just another virus things will be better for us. However, coronavirus has affected the whole world socially, economically and in a positive note environment.


Due to coronavirus, we have stopped meeting new people, we have stopped all gatherings, celebrations have been postponed, We are moving away from our own people. This will have a long-term effect. People have become less supportive. Some shops are selling masks & sanitizers for more than 3 times its original price. People are becoming more selfish or it’s just that we are seeing their true color.


The share market is crashing every other day. Schools, malls & movie theatres have been shut. Buses are running empty, shopping marts are fewer customers. If this continues we are staring at a recession very soon, which is going to hit harder than in 2008. In India, there are about 1.35 billion people. If this virus spreads in India it will be almost impossible to handle it.  This will affect the economy badly and more people will die of hunger than due to coronavirus.


Every cloud has a silver lining, though coronavirus has affected human badly, it has done something good to the environment. Since human activities have stopped, Less carbon emission has a +ve effect on the environment.  If this continues, it will help earth to heal quickly,  Less carbon emission means less global warming,  it will give some life to all other animals and plants.