Covid-19 has pulled down the world’s economy & has put millions in danger. People are doing their part by following governments order, We all are hoping things to get well soon. I have listed some facts about Covid-19.

  1. A single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets. Touching surfaces with virus is not thought to be the main cause of virus infection. Since we know very little about this virus, it is better to take extra care.
  2. Covid-19 is an influenza-like virus generally found in bats Since bats can accumulate higher body temperature while flying, they are immune to this virus.
  3. Covid-19 affects lungs that impair rest body parts
  4. Coronavirus can survive for 24 hours on cardboard and up to 3 days on plastic and stain steel surfaces.
  5. Covid-19 positive cats and dogs have been reported

Wild Animals

Coronavirus could be just one of the many viruses that are found in wild animals, Polluting the environment will cause wild living being more sick and more harmful to human. wild animals trading could be even dangerous if we are attacked by viruses that our body is not immune to.

Virtual world

We live in a virtual world, we have moved away from nature, just look around you will still see some monuments, some carvings by our ancestors, but if we go extinct our next generation (those lefts) will not have anything substantial made by us.

Global Warming

Global warming will cause Antarctica’s ice melt, Antarctica has many hidden secrets, and probably some viruses that are not active due to extreme low temperature, if they become active we will not have another decade.

What matters the most?

Coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) has taught us; there is nothing more important than living, all we have invented till date counts for nothing, they are hardly of any use, These invention has harmed us and nature.

Is this going to stop?

Probably! we will have some vaccine by 2022 for coronavirus, but if we don’t stop polluting this planet then we can except some virus every decade or twice in a decade. It’s not that we are getting sick, it’s just that this planet is getting sick of us.

Collapse of Human modernization

As we can see this virus has hurt cities more than villages, more people living in cities has died due to this virus than villages, Cities have pollution. People living in cities are less immune due to food they eat and the physical activities which is extremely low that compared to villages. If a virus like Covid-19 can halt all cities and businesses then imagine a virus that is more dangerous gets into human body, we will have no option but to leave the city and go back to villages or jungle. This is nothing new, probably we had faced this many times in history, this could be the reason different types of discriminations based on color, caste, country etc… As they say Indus valley people (Hidus) had a belief that they shouldn’t cross the sea.