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411, 2019

Unbelievable Places On Earth

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There are thousands of places on earth; less known to humans.  THANK GOD! Some of these places are truly amazing & Some are just unbelievable. Magnetic Mountain - India Magnet Mountain located near Leh in Ladakh, India, gives the impression that any object placed nearby is pulled by the mountain. [...]

111, 2019

Facts about Ukrainian Weddings

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Ukrainian Weddings as They Are If you want to try Ukrainian women dating, then you should know the features of Ukrainian weddings in case you reach this level of relationships. Ukrainian wedding traditions have always been famous for their beauty. A wedding in the Ukrainian style is a colorful, bright, [...]

2210, 2019

Amazing facts about Japan

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Japan is known as the land of the rising sun. The name was chosen because the country was so close to where the sun rises. Most High-Tech toilets in the world - Toilets in Japan are more advanced than any other developed country in the world. These toilets can block [...]

2110, 2019

Benefits of Neem

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Azadirachta indica, also known as neem ( South Asia ), neem tree or Indian lilac. It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta and is native to the Indian subcontinent, i.e. India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives. Neem tree Benefits: Neem is a fast-growing tree that can [...]

1810, 2019

Best Bollywood Actors

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1. Om Puri 1. Om Puri Best Bollywood Actor Om Puri was one of the Versatile actors in the history of Indian cinema who acted in mainstream commercial as well as parallel movies. He debuted in 1976 in a Marathi film Ghaashiram Kotwal and later he delivered some [...]

305, 2019

interesting facts about earth

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The planet Earth weighs around 5,974,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms (about 6 septillion kg), that is generally a similar measure of weight as 54,807,339,449,541,284,403 (approx 55 quintillion) Blue Whales – the heaviest animal on the Earth itself! As opposed to mainstream thinking it doesn't take the Earth 24 hours to finish a solitary [...]

305, 2019

Top facts about Brihadeshwara temple

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A study in Oriental architecture or history is certainly incomplete without a mention of the Tanjore Brihadeeshwara Temple or the Tanjore Periya kovil. This imposing structure was built by Raja Raja Cholan and his sister Kundavai, both ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. The original name of the deity was Rajarajeshwar. [...]

205, 2019

Top facts about Badami Cave temple

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   1.Location: The Badami Caves are located in the Bagalkot district of Northern Karnataka. They are known to be the perfect example of excellent Indian rock-cut architecture. 2.The entrance of Badami caves: The entrance of Badami Caves is absolutely glorious. It looks all the more attractive when sunlight falls [...]

205, 2019

Interesting facts about coconut tree

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  Found crosswise over a significant part of the tropic and subtropic zone, the coconut is referred to for its extraordinary flexibility as found in the numerous local, business, and mechanical employments of its distinctive parts. Coconuts are a piece of the everyday diet of numerous individuals. Here are some [...]

205, 2019

Interesting facts about cars

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Ferrari produces a limit of 14 vehicles every day. Most producers put out a large number of vehicles consistently. As a, for example, Ford achieves a galactic generation rate of 8,000-10,0000 every day. An airbag takes just 40 milliseconds to empty. Hong Kong is home to the most Rolls Royce's [...]

205, 2019

Top facts about Mahabalipuram temple

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Mahabalipura, situated about 60 km south of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, is an ancient port town for its stone carvings and stone temples. It was built largely between the 7th and 9th centuries. This port city of Pallavas is one of a kind tourist destination worth a visit. According to [...]

205, 2019

Interesting facts about jackfruit

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  The jackfruit tree started in South Asia. It is a tropical plant, flourishing in regions where temperatures are warm and dampness is inexhaustible. The logical name of Jackfruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus. Jackfruit is a major tree that can develop to as high as 30 meters. Practically every one of [...]