Friends Forever
Friends are the craziest people who will be always sorrounded   by you,they are living beings whom we always love to spend time with.

there are friends forever in a lucky time ,some stand together with us no matter what the situation is …..

there is an old saying or a famous quote-“A friend in need  is a friend indeed”.

friends are the only people whom never tend   to keep secrets from eachother .

there is no business in between any relationship among those relations friendship stands out first.

there are many actions,emotions,sentimental environment in between us when we are together,there is no kind of world which makes us happy when we spend time with them.they are the people who gives most pleasure to us …

we should be so LUCKY enough to find kind of persons we meet around the globe…

if they are not meant to be great friends they are meant to be good lesson/chapter in our lives…

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