Imagine if someone says, You do not belong to this planet , You will either ignore his words or just give a piece of your mind. Well then be ready with your piece of mind , I am going tell you something which you may not like ;  trust me!  i have some evidence to prove my words.

All we know about us is we are developed version of a monkey  and we never existed during dinosaurs era. Our science existed ever since we existed. We have only changed the format of our science , earlier it was some holy book and our teachings , Now we have a term called “scientifically proved”.  I am eager to know whether this term “scientifically proved ” is actually proved?

Nature is really powerful , it has made everything carefully, nothing exist without a cause, whether it’s aquatic living being  or plant or mammals , they have very close relationship. Nature chain is so complex , even  small insects extinction could break whole circle.  But if you look closely human doesn’t have any role in the nature, they are in fact the evils of earth who are destroying this beautiful place slowly. So do you think nature has made us this way? When nature is so balanced. No living being can go beyond nature and start exploiting it no matter how strong they are , for example a lion , do you see lions killing just for fun? can’t they do that? They are a part of nature and nature has made them this way. They care for other living being, that’s in their BIOS / DNA .

Our relation with aliens

Alien stories are not new, even during stone age , we had something do with aliens; those carvings on rock clearly displays our relation with aliens.

Human are alien

We were close to them ever since we know about ourself, they look like us? So how about ” we are the aliens ; we are looking for? “. The point here is either we were designed by these aliens or we are in fact aliens who invaded this planet. The first point sounds better. We have in common with this mammals , still we are so different internally ( we call it brain ). So it could be that we were created by these aliens. May be those creators don’t exit any more as the way we are hurting this planet, they have already destroyed themselves because of their greed.

Our holi book tells us a lot about it.

I would like to talk about hinduism first , Hindu religion is one of the oldest religion or culture . They knew about 9 planets way before other people could even know that earth is round. They have a simple mathematics to find out planet position, they don’t need a telescope . They can easily tell you the date and time when second lunar eclipse or solar eclipse will take place. This may sound strange , but it’s very true, In hinduism there are 4 vedas ,These vedas are the oldest book of mankind. In these book you can know about the relation between human and aliens ( GOD ).  It has mentioned which god lives in which planet.  In any religion you will notice people say god is up ? What is UP? Planets? So may be our creators used to / is living in those planets in solar system.