1. The Great Auk is an extinct species of flightless bird that became extinct in the mid-19th century.
  2. Great Auk needed isolated rocks islands with easy access to the ocean and good food supply to breed, which became unaffordable for these birds as humans started evading all parts this planet.
  3. The last known Great Auks (there were two auks) were slaughtered on June 3, 1844, in Iceland. However, A record of one great auk in 1852 is considered by some to be the last sighting of a member of the species.
  4. Penguins got their name from the Great Auk. “Penguin” was the Celtic word for “Extraordinary Auk”.
  5. Great Auk was  75 to 85 centimeters (30 to 33 in) tall and weighing approximately 5 kilograms
  6. The Great Auk was canvassed in dark quills, however, it had white plumes on its chest and abdomen.
  7. They invested the vast majority of their energy adrift, coming to shore in the mid-year to breed.
  8. They lived in extensive rearing settlements on low rough islands in the North Atlantic Ocean from Canada to Norway. Females exposed one egg on shake. In winter they went as far south as Florida and southern Spain.

Great Auk Facts


Like the Dodo (extinct bird of Mauritius), Great Auk extinction was due to excessive demands in Europe. Britishers loved great auk meat and they were responsible for its extinction.