Karnataka was formed on first November 1956, Originally known as the State of Mysore. It has been home to the most dominant kingdoms, logicians, poets, and melodic troubadours. It is one of the most beautiful states in India with beautiful landscapes that go from immense coastlines to tropical rainforests, lavish green slopes, and plain zones.

  1. The Oriental Library of Mysore is the oldest library of India. It was renamed as the Oriental Research Institute in 1943.
  2. Rani Chennamma (1778-1829), Queen of the princely state of Kittur was the first person to lead an armed rebellion against British governance.
  3. Magnificent Architecture of Bangalore palace was built by Rev.J.Garret, who was the first principal of the central high school in Bangalore.
  4. Artillery Weapons were first assembled by Tipu sultan and Hyder Ali was the primary metal barrel and iron-cased rocket in India.
  5. The Monolith Bahubali statue is both magnificent and liberal. Great in structure, it is a 57 feet high strong statue worked in around 983 A.D. The Gomateshwara Statue can be seen at a partition of 30 km.
  6. Delicious Rava Idli a standard variety of the idli, devised in the midst of the world war II as a café to the troopers.
  7. First Hydro-Electric cities Shivanasamudra Falls Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Kingdom of Mysore. Sumera Hydroelectric Power Plant at Sumera Dariyapur in Aligarh worked by the British in 1931. Bengaluru was the chief Indian city to get the power.
  8. City Of Lakes, Bengaluru is home to more than twenty-five lakes. This credit themselves to a tremendous organic arrangement of verdure, including lilies, winged creature pursued jacana, weaver feathered creatures, kingfishers and greeneries, among others.
  9. Fragrant Sandalwood, Kannada film is regularly called as chandanvana or sandalwood, After the state tree sandalwood.
  10. Largest Number of Engineering Colleges, The city houses two or three hundred structuring schools, which are joined forces to Bengaluru University. Clearly, a substantial number of these have bounced up to consider the creating enthusiasm for structure.
  11. Birthplace of Torpedo in Bangalore, Torpedoes have been used by a couple of militaries the world over, similarly as in both world wars. It was first made under the activity of Captain McClintock of the British Indian Army unit-Madras Sappers and Miners, in Bengaluru.
  12. It’s considered the birthplace of startups, Bangalore doesn’t just attract outside esteem, it is also the beginning of a couple of new organizations. You will be surprised to understand that Bengaluru has filled in as a nursery for roughly 14,000 to 19,000 new organizations.
  13. Highest Traffic Congestion in India, Bengaluru is a champion among the most blocked urban regions on earth. In the midst of apex hours, it takes hours to drive from the plane terminal into the city.
  14. India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru is the purpose of union for the IT business in India. A couple of obvious overall associations have set up their business focus focuses here, achieving the union of a huge amount of IT draftsmen and pros in the city.