facts about mango

  1. Mangoes are the most popular fruit in the world.
  2. Mangoes are native to India. There are varieties of Mangoes found in India.
  3. Mangoes are seasonal fruits. i.e They flourish once in 2 years.
  4. Different variety of mango has a different season. i.e If one type of mango flourishes in Jan, the other could be in Feb.
  5. Mango comes in various shapes, sizes, and hues including yellow, orange, red and green.
  6. The nutrient substance of mango relies upon the assortment and development of the natural product. At the point when a mango is green and as yet developing there is a high nutrient C content, as the natural product ages and develops the measure of nutrient An increments.
  7. Giving somebody a container of mangoes is viewed as a kind gesture.
  8. The oldest living mango tree is 300 years of age and is found in East Khandesh. Shockingly, this tree still gives fruit!
  9. Mangoes are identified with cashews and pistachios. Would you be able to see the similarity?
  10. Mango leaves are regularly utilized at weddings. Mangoes leaves are considered good for reproduction.
  11. Mango leaves are used in some ayurvedic medicine.
  12. Mango leaves help in controlling diabetes. It also helps in curing infertility.
  13. Mango is called the king of fruit in India.
  14. Mango is used for varieties of dishes. Raw mango is used for pickles and chutney. Rotten mangoes are used to make dry fruit.
  15. Mango gardens are considered holy and many rituals are performed in mango gardens.