SCISSORS (EGYPT) Superstition

SCISSORS bring bad luck superstition 1 Leaving a pair of scissors open while you are not cutting anything believe to bring bad luck in Egypt. Handling scissors while not cutting anything is avoided in Egypt.



In Greece if a person talks in the same time as another considered to bring bad luck and they must touch something red to avoid the bad luck.


Washing hair in india is bad luck superstition 3

Washing hairs on tuesday and thursday , as those are the days of Saturn is not considered good as they bring bad omen as per hindu tradition.


Sleeping with fan on brings death superstition 4

If you fall asleep with a fan on could cause death is believed in North Korea and South Korea.


Whistling inside home brings bad spriti superstition 5

WHISTLING inside home is not considered good in Lithuania & India as it brings bad spirit.


Hitting someone with broom make impotent superstition 6

Hitting With broom is not considered good in Nigeria and in India , In Nigeria it is believed that if you hit someone by broom then he will become sterile and lose his genitals. The only way of breaking the curse is to hit him seven times with the broom. In india it is just not considered to be good as it brings poverty, Broom is considered an embodiment of Lakshmi(goddess) in India; it should not be touched with legs either.


Killing Spider bring bad luck in quatar superstition 7

Spiders are considered to be good in Qatar as they fight fires hence they are never killed in Qatar.


Owl is evil in Egypt superstition 8

Owls are not considered to be good in Egypt, They thought to bring bad luck hence avoided sighting one.


Number 13 signs of death Spain superstition 9

Number 13 is not considered good in SPAIN and in many American and European countries.Contrary to other countries, where Friday 13th is bad luck, in Spain it is Tuesday 13th.


Empty bucket bad luck in Russia superstition 10

Carrying Empty bucket, or seeing someone doing so is believe to bring luck in Russia. In India empty bucket sound believe to bring poverty.

Number 4

Number 4 a bad luck in china superstition 11

The word for ‘four’ in Chinese sounds similar to the word for ‘death’. number 4 is not considered as a good number in china as they believed to bring bad luck.


Every country has some or the other belief based on their experience, Many so called superstitions of a country seems to inline with other country’s superstition or belief so it is difficult to tell whether they are superstition or they were more developed at that time. Not killing spider , not washing hair on particular days may not be a superstition but some scientific reason. Similarly not whistling at home could also have a reason as human used to live in jungle and that sound could invite other deadly animals. I feel most of the superstition has a reason; however some may not be relevant today.