Marriage is defined as “the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman  as partners in a relationship.”

well this definition certainly doesn’t tell how difficult it is to get married  in india; Here is why?

  1. first you need to make sure you are marrying in your own caste , Else it could be a sensational news, your society will refuse you ,one good thing about this society is that; they will always speak loud on these kinds of affairs rather than rape or corruption etc…
  2. And then you must make sure that  the both of you don’t fall in ” SAME GOTRA” , Make sure you are marrying in your own state,  SAME GOTRA MARRIAGE  are not permitted in hinduism, As hindu religion is more scientific , this point could be more important than above.
  3. Now you have made sure ; you are following above two conditions , note that you should marry in your own state, A girl or boy from different state will not be accepted so easily , as we have different language in each states, There will be a language problem ; who cares how well you can communicate with your better half as long as your parents cannot , after all  they have to live together you are just a medium for them.
  4. Now everything looks good ; Right ? Oh wait, We have more  issue here, “KUNDALI” your kundali must match else this marriage is not possible, Just imagine , you tried hard convincing your parents about this girl but this kundali has spoiled it all.
  5. Ok so are you ready now? Good, Now lets start budgeting , One Mangal sutra will cost you around Rs 3 lakh , Then you must give some return gift to your guests , Then reception cost  and don’t forget to manage your house, buy some new furniture , so your total cost is about 20 lakh rupees , this cost is for a small medium kind of marriage not big bash.
  6. Tight Pocket ? Forget about marriage focus on your job :p , How about taking some loans ? Well you can get a personal load (oh sorry loan) at 17% , and pay the EMI for another 10 years, Wish you a happy married life.
  7. So you want a very simple marriage? Planning to marry in temple or court ? good idea, but do you think the girl will agree? Well i don’t think so , she has big dreams about her marriage , she has spent nights just dreaming those beautiful ornaments , people greeting her; she is the center of attraction. You can’t afford to take all this from her else your married life will be a big failure.
  8. Dowry ? Sorry dowry is a crime.

Warning : There are many other problems which you may face while marrying , it advised do not try this own your own.

Conclusion : Human are social living being , they want to please their society in every way , when money is involved how can you except this union is going to be a success? Why not make it simple for others, Many people end up selling their land , taking  lots of loan for marriage , do you think society help them pay the loan , i don’t think so ? when your society can’t help why you need to please them? Why not focus on your life , with those money you can buy a car , book an apartment . SORRY! it’s a tradition and we must follow.