There were hilarious messages and images going through social media after P.M Modi called a ban on 500,1000 notes from 9th Nov to eradicate fake currency circulation and black money.New design notes are to be circulated from 11 November.Banks,Atm’s and Post office to remain closed for 2 days
Take a look at few funny messages and memes:

” America counting votes ,India counting notes”
“Sala 9/11 jab bhi aata hai hila dalta hain bhai ”
“Jumped red light,caught by police walah-Sir 100 hi de do”
“Aaj mere paas bangla hain,gaadi hain,naukar hain,aur tumhare paas kya hain?
“Mere paas 100-100ke notes hain”
“Today the Money in Child’s piggy Bank is more valuable than his father’s wallet”
“Modi.the only chaiwala on earth who can wake up a billion people without chai”


Ban on 500 and 1000 notes
RIP 500 and 1000 rs notes
No value for old 500 and 1000Rs notes
500 and 1000 Rs notes goes to dustbin
Ask for a change
Now u can figure out the meaning of this song
Checkmate for black money
Black money owners might think of this
Vijay Mallya
Funny memes on Vijay mallya


Paytm hits target on right situation
Right time to promote business of mobile wallet


A video is been viral of phir hera pheri which suits the present situation

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