As a person , i appreciate rahul gandhi but as a politician i don’t admire him anymore. 10 years ago he was different now he is different or 40 years ago he was what he is right now. Congress has ruled this country for more than 60 years, they should have been more inclined with people of india but it seems congress has no real agenda these days and people are slowly losing congress existence. Congress 60 years old “Poor & Farmers ” is still hanging on those hoarding boards, Congress extinction is not going to help this country in anyway , This country is divided between caste , religion and political parties, few people are loyal to congress where as few people are loyal to BJP , These kind of votes are permanent and it will take another generation for things to change. BJP supports are more on social media where as congress supports are more from villages.

Rahul Gandhi As a Leader

Rahul gandhi is not a great speaker, i don’t find any big issue with that, neither Manmohan singh is. More important is your work & most important thing is “if you don’t know how to speak ” then speak up with your actions.

I have found many times rahul gandhi actions were not appropriate as a leader.

  1. Tearing up the ordinance – It was a big mistake, he had undermined Manmohan Singh’s authority , He should have shown more maturity by sorting out his internal party matter than making it as a publicity stunt.
  2.  He has always been on places where something has gone wrong – Well there is nothing bad in that , but one thing  i just don’t understand , why you were there ? You didn’t help them , you just said i am also facing similar problem ( on some issues ) , If you are just there to show sympathy then people will make you a friend but not their leader , People don’t want sympathy , They choose you because they can  sort out their problems, not for your sympathy.
  3. Lack of confidence – i have followed many rahul gandhi’s speeches and interviews , i couldn’t find that confidence in him, when he himself doesn’t have a confidence who else can trust him for their problems.
  4. Young Leader -Rahul Gandhi has portrayed himself as a young leader , but i don’t see any young thoughts in him, Narendra Modi though is very old compare to rahul gandhi has won young hearts, why? They have some marketing plan, look at digital india , swach bharat, what a way to promote, great! huh? , If you look on facebook or other social media you will hardly find people praising rahul gandhi , Rahul Gandhi has studied in abroad , has visited many places but still he couldn’t focus on changing india , a big mistake.
  5. Change in Focus – I saw an interview of rahul gandhi with arnab goswami . It was a big flop , but what gathered my attention was rahul gandhi talking about ramdev , Well ramdev has just come into picture but rahul gandhi had power since he was born ,so if you are talking about your problems with him , then you are a loser . How does your problem with ramdev make a difference to public?



9 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi’s Big Mistakes”

  1. Rahul Gandhi, really he is a good person. He wants to change the nation’s image. But he doesn’t know how to play the politics, how to convince to the peoples, how to represent yourself. sometimes he does foolish things while addressing the public rally.

  2. Rahul Gandhi, really he is a great funny politician. whenever I listen to Rahul Gandhi I observe, he is trying to say something in good sense but meaning is coming differently. really he doesn’t know the political things too much and also doesn’t know how to play with words and sentences.

  3. Rahul Gandhi, this person is not bad. it’s ok ok. but he doesn’t know how to manage the political party, how to lead, how to rule on that. I think he should learn all those things from the family. Gandhi (Nehru) family, which gave to the nation’s successful leader. How Rahul Gandhi becomes Papu.

  4. I am not a politician, I am a common man but i know about Rahul Gandhi through news channel, from my opinion, He is good person, when he deliver his opinion, other made it issue or fun on that. So he need to think on that.

  5. Time has been change, People are understood about it, Congress drives nation for long time. So Rahul Gandhi is a good person, but he cannot change what is in our mind.

  6. Its about politics, If you have quality in you, then you will be successful leader, Rahul Gandhi need to find lacking, Why he is not going to be a successful leader if i like him too……

  7. Yaa I am also agree, Rahul Gandhi is a good person, But that’s not good enough for our nation, To be a good leader he need to recover all the mistakes and ability to perform or deliver, He is trying to come over, Lets see.

  8. Haha, Pappu , pappu k pass dimag hi nahi hai woh kya chalaega desh , hum ko , hamara PM mil gaya hai sri narendra modi ji , Pappu ko bolo italy chala jae

  9. Now as this time i am seeing that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is a only poltiacal leader only. he always oppose the every declaration Of Mr. P.M. Modi.As for time Mr. Modi have a very dynamic leader but past 10 years Congress Lost this opportunity and but Mr. Modi have use this opportunity.

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