Ticket checker is an online ticket checking android app and web based application ,it is used to check the railway tickets with the help of this application

It is not used by public end user it is specifically developed to some organisation

The main advantage of this app is it reduces the stress of finding the ticket number for each and every passengers and find the allocating the seats for waiting list passengers in the train,

The main challenging task for the every ticket checker is allocating seats for waiting list passengers who didn’t get conform tickets on their journey

Ticket checker should get notification to him when their is a passenger to board from particular station TC do not want to keep everything remembered and does not want to get stress more


This app will notify their is this many seats are not been occupied by the reserved passengers and it helps the TC to automatically allocate the seats for the passengers who are in waiting list and the waiting list passengers will get notified with the help of SMS to their mobile no which they are used to book their tickets passengers can find their seats and tickets without interacting with the TC or waiting for him

Main components of this TC application  are:

  • user friendly
  • reliability
  • high security
  • cost effective

Advantage of TC

  1. With the help of this application we completely reduce the paper work what we used now in the railway department
  2. It provides the booking of ticket till the time of train departure from the station
  3. It helps the customer to reduce the work of TC in the train
  4. One TC can do this job in easy manner

It updates the live status with the help of GPS built in it to the passengers who waiting for the train in thier station it gives the accurate status of the train

For you ticket booking use this link below