1. Dark lenses
Dark lenses Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-1
Dark lenses – Dark lenses are more in trends and used on occasions where one need to hide eyes (eyes is the mirror of ones emotion). These Dark lenses generally black is used where one doesn’t want to have clear contact with someone. Dark lenses do not automatically filter out more harmful UV radiation and blue light than light lenses.

2. Round lenses
Round lenses Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-2
Round lenses – Round Lenses were more popular in 90s , however they are still in trend it’s just that the design have changed slightly, Some people look better when they use round glass instead or rectangle or others. So round lenses trends are here to stay.

3. Thick frames
Thick frames Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-3
Thick frames Make a Bold Fashion Statement with the Unique Frames. Themes typically found in hipster-style eyewear include thick rims and edgy colors, patterns, or design details. Wayfarers and circles are common frame shapes associated with this style.

4. Cat-eye sunglasses
Cat-eye sunglasses Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-4
Cat-eye sunglasses are Round Metal Sunglasses With Polarised Lens. These eye shades are an incredible fever because of the wear-capacity for an extensive variety of appearances. That is on account of there are extremely two unmistakable styles that fall under the feline eye umbrella: the more conventional ’50s swoop and a more extensive, milder ’80s cycle. Also, there are about a zillion minor departure from these general classes.

5. Colorful lenses & frames
Colorful lenses Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-5
One of a kind eyewear is described by outlines with surprising, even hip shapes or highlighted highlights that create an impression those are called colorful lenses and frames. Subjects regularly found in interesting style eyeglasses or shades incorporate strong, brilliant hues and examples and over-the-top.

6. Oversized sunglasses
Oversized sunglasses Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-6
Oversized sunglasses give you a puzzling, film star look. Over the head, they fill in as a chic headband. Search for shades with outline shapes to compliment your face. All in all, pick the inverse of your face shape: rectangle for a round face and round shades for a precise face. Be that as it may, expansive oval edges look great on most face shapes. Dark or tortoise outlines are works of art and look great on nearly everybody.

7. Clear lenses 
Clear lenses Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-7
Clear lens glasses are one of the newest fashion accessories. Clear Lens Eyeglasses are never again bound to the corridors of the scholarly community. Our accumulation from Giant Vintage gives a cool, academic look that can be worn whenever, anyplace! On the off chance that you need to resemble the most brilliant person in the room (and you likely are), buy a couple of our unmistakable glasses today. Our glasses with clear focal points will influence you to look as shrewd as you feel. Peruse our determination of men’s and ladies’ glasses beneath and make an “informed” buy. Shopping at Giant Vintage is an easy decision.

8. Luxury sunglasses
Luxury sunglasses
Luxury designer sunglasses for women are available in a variety of styles, colors and materials, all made with quality and sophisticated refined details. These are an absolute necessity have form embellishment, praises class and gentility. From contemporary to notorious styles, the plans show the know-how and imagination of the House of CHANEL. All through the seasons, accumulations are continually rethought to supplement the CHANEL closet and express a lady’s style.

9. Creative & non-traditional designs
Creative and non-traditional designs Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-9
Nontraditional resumes include infographics, portfolios, social resumes, and personal website resumes, and advice on when to use them. These are used with regard to Cool Resume Templates. Creative designs are the unique sunglasses for womens.

10. Two-tone sunglasses
Two-tone sunglasses Top 10 Latest Eyewear Trends for Women 2016-10
Unique designer inspired oversized metal circle sunglasses that feature a two-toned frame with comfortable plastic temples. The oversized silhouette and two-toned colors will have you looking fab this season! Made with a metal based frame, metal hinges and polycarbonate UV protected lenses.