1.Ancient history of Golf

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 1The most widely accepted game around world  is that the modern game called golf got originated from Scotland in the High Middle Ages. The first golf courses were established in the country. The first written rules originated in Scotland, as did the establishment of the 18 hole course. Dr Heiner Gillmeister, sports historian at Bonn University, claims golf was probably first played in the low countries of continental Europe.The Blackheath Club in London becomes the first golf club formed outside Scotland.


2.Golf is the only game which was played on the moon.

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 2

Apollo 14 astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell took an entirely different kind of action that consists of  playing sports on the moon. Shepard famously hit golf balls with a modified six-iron, and Mitchell threw a javelin,who was sent to the moon with two more crew members in 1971, has tried and succeeded in batting a golf ball on the moon. We don’t really know how far his ball reached. He claims he saw the ball flying “many miles away”, but no one could really tell how far.

3.The Scots Parliament banned the game of Golf during the period of James II.

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 3Beside golf was invented in Scotland, the Scots Parliament banned the game of Golf during the period of James II. The game of golf was prohibited during Sundays, because as per the parliament it was obstructing the military training for the wars against the English.James II’s Act of Parliament of 6 March 1457 banned golf and football. The Act is the earliest known written evidence for the game in Scotland. With a weak monarchy, powerful nobles and a constant threat of invasion, military training was compulsory for all males over 12.

4.The first Golf ball was made of wood

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 4The first Golf ball was made of wood in the 16th century and later during 19th century it was started to be made of feathers, which were boiled and then stuffed in to a leather pouch.The first golf balls from the 14th Century were made out of wood, specifically beech, by carpenters using hand tools. They weren’t perfectly round and it’s safe to assume that they sucked. The 17th Century saw the slight design improvement of the feather i e, a leather ball stuffed with bird feathers and stitched shut.

5.All the golf balls do not carry equal amount of dimples.

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 5All the golf balls do not carry equal amount of dimples. Normally they range from 330 to 500 dimples depending upon which manufacturer has manufactured it. The ideal golf ball has 380 to 432 dimples.The dimples are usually the same size as one another, but some golf balls have several different sizes of dimple on the same ball. Any number between 300 and 500 dimples is reasonable, and 336 is a common number. Not just any number will do.


6.Golf will be included in the 2020 Olympics.

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 6The road to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 for the world’s top golfers is officially underway. The qualification period for the men opened on Sunday, July 1, and will last through June 22, 2020.The top 15 players of each gender will qualify, with a limit of four golfers per country that can qualify this way. The remaining spots will go to the highest-ranked players from countries that do not already have two golfers qualified.


7.A typical Golf course consists of 18 holes

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 7A typical golf course consists of 18 holes but nine hole courses are common and can be played twice through for 18 holes. Every round of golf is based on playing a number of holes in a given order. A round typically consists of 18 holes that are played in the order determined by the course layout.One round of the Links, or 18 holes is reckoned a match, unless otherwise stipulated. Now the 18hole golf course is central to the game of golf. There is a lore that a golf course is made up of 18 holes because it takes exactly 18 shots to polish off a fifth of Scotch.

8.A golf ball will travel further in summer

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 8A golf ball will travel less distance in colder temperatures for two reasons. First, when the golf ball and golf club are colder, the transfer of energy is not as efficient, so the ball speed will be less. Second, colder air is more dense than warm air, so there is more friction and drag. This will slow the ball down after impact and it won’t carry as far. The same can be said about the human body. Muscles are more flexible and responsive when the temperature is warm than when it’s cold, so we are able to move more efficiently.


9.Before golf tees, players would shape mounds of sand and place the golf ball on top. Tees were finally popularized in the 1920 s.

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 9Golfers at this time used sand to make a tee within one club length of the … conical shape, which referred to the little piles of sand or snow that would be … golfers were waiting for the groups to tee off after they had holed out, before … the ‘teeing ground,’ and the balls shall be teed within, and not in advance of, such marks.



10.The first round of women’s golf was played in the year 1811 in Musselburgh, Scotland.

Top 10 spectacular facts of Golf image 10On January 12th 1811 the Fishwives of Musselburgh competed in the first ever Women’s Golf Tournament. The holiday tournament took place at the Musselburgh Golf Club in Scotland. The winner of the 18-hole contest was awarded a Creel & Skull (fishing basket), and the second- and third-place finishers received silk handkerchiefs from Barcelona.