1. Tanishq, Jewellery Store For Diamonds & Golds

Tanishq Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India


Tanishq is a gems brand of India. It is a division of Titan Company, an organization advanced by the Tata Group as a team with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Tanishq’s central command is at Bengaluru (Bangalore) in Karnataka. Tanishq is the most trusted Jewellery brand and it has 270 stores in more than 160 Indian cities with more the 15 lakhs customers.
Founded in: 1994
owned by: Titan Company
Number of stores: 270
Revenue: 50934.11 crores.

2. Nakshatra

 Nakshatra Gold & Diamonds Top Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India.

Nakshatra is a gems mark situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a piece of multi-billion Gitanjali Group. The gems run incorporates rings, studs, neck sets and wrist trinkets in novel designs. Nakshatra is a brand possessed by the Gitanjali Group (DTC), with assembling, appropriation and promoting rights held by done by Brightest Circle Jewelry.
Owned by: Gitanjali Group
founded in: 1999
Headquarters: Mumbai
Revenue: ₹135 Billion

3. D’damas

D'Damas List of Top 20 Gold and Diamond jewellery in India

D’damas has in-house planners, who are dependably tuned in to the most recent patterns and purchaser requests, to give the customer gems that they will right away go gaga for. You are permitted to look over more than 2,000 plans that exude tastefulness, style and advancement. In this way, by sheer decision, it takes into account all needs, mindsets, feelings and tastes of its buyers.
Owned by: Gitanjali Group
Founded in 1907
Headquarters: Mumbai
Number of Stores: 1000+

4. Nirvana Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Nirvana Top Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Nirvana Diamond Jewelry has made precious stone gems that interest to the goals of each cutting edge Indian lady. Its product offering incorporates rings, hoops, pendants, bangles, pendant sets, accessories, all set in 18K yellow and white gold.
Owned by: Gitanjali Group
founded in: 2002
Headquarters: Mumbai
Revenue: $200 million.

5. Gili

Gili Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Gili shocked everybody with its remarkable, supreme and never observed items. Its wonderful plans highlighting a mix of Indian and western subtleties had made Gili an astounding sensation. Gili’s otherworldly adornments had swooned purchasers the whole way across the country. In this manner, Gili has possessed the capacity to catch the core of each Indian lady. Gili is a brand possessed by the Gitanjali Group. Gitanjali Group was one of the largest diamond branded jewellery retailers in the world. Mehul Choksi, the founder and managing director of ‘Gitanjali Gems’  has come under the radar of various investigating agencies. Rest of the story we all know.
Owned by: Gitanjali Group
founded in: 1994
Headquarters: Mumbai
Revenue: $200 million.
Number of Stores: 150

6. Asmi Diamond Jewellery, India

Asmi Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Asmi Diamond Jewelry was initially presented by the Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC) in the year 2002. Also, as far back as Asmi has been obliging the lady of substance and fulfilling her psyche for rewards acknowledgement, developing ceaselessly to suit her style and identity.
Owned by: Gitanjali Group
founded in: 2002
Headquarters: Mumbai

7. Kiah Diamond Jewellery

Kiah Top 20 Gold and jewellery Brands in India

Kiah plan and make lovely precious stone adornments offering an interminable attach to the brilliance and quality that encompasses the genuine soul of ladies. They interest to decorate ladies in their perfectly composed gems. In Persian, Kiah signifies “A fresh start” symbolizing their vision of making extraordinary and dazzling outlines inevitably.
Owned by: Govindbhai Kakadia, founder and chairman of Sheetal Group
founded in: 2004

8. Rivaaz

Rivaaz Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Rivaaz combines both affordability and quality assurance that typify Gitanjali. The range features an enormous choice of notably delicate, lightweight designs, in an impeccable finish, with a high “wearable” quotient, traditional yet chic, ethnic yet modern.

9. Parineeta Wedding and Bridal Jewelry

Parineeta is tied in with wedding and marriage adornments sets including accessory, stud, ring, arm jewellery and mang tika that can be utilized as a pendant in gold, precious stones, and hued gemstone, offering a scope of decisions to suit each sort of wedding event. Each piece is masterfully composed with a scope of unpredictable examples that draw motivation from the brilliant time of India’s social legacy and history.

10. Diya Jewellery

Diya Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellwry Brands in India

Diya jewellery is one of the popular brands in the market, manufacturing stylish jewellery pieces that enhance the look of the wearer to make her look impressive. The wide collection of the brand comprises a number of earrings, necklace, anklets, rings, pendants and many more. The design of the collections is elegant, unique and stylish as well.

11. Sagee

Sagaee Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Sagee is a gathering of jewel engagement groups to commend the initial move towards conjugal duty. It effectively mixes custom with a cutting edge feels even on for an occasion as little yet essential as the engagement. Sagee is for every young lady who has their foundations immovably in custom yet are pushing forward with times.

12. G’divas

G' divas Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

G’ divas is a stunning and sparkling range of lightweight jewellery studded with diamonds, pearls, and coloured stones. The sleek and contemporary jewellery, in a mix of fusion and western designs, is the perfect everyday wear for the young working woman.

13. Kashvi

Kashiv Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Kashvi utilizes ensured gold to deliver the whole cluster of accurately repeated, exquisite gems, in outlines extending from exemplary and conventional to contemporary hip, and from incidental wear to day by day utilize. The most recent Kashvi offerings in machine-made adornments are ‘cut bangles’, savvy, present-day images of a world that is a worldwide town, where correspondence is a moment and tastes change quicker than the seasons.
founded in:2009
Owned by: Vaibhav Geol and Nitin Geol
located in: New Delhi

14. Envi

Envi Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Envi is a fascinating collection of mesmerizing emerald jewellery that is truly every woman’s fantasy. Adorned with one of these classy and timeless emerald pieces, she can make a distinctive style statement of her very own. Envi brings together the strengths of Gitanjali, India’s largest jewellery and lifestyle brand, and Gemfields, the world’s foremost producer of ethically mined coloured gemstones of the finest quality.


Sia Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

There are many different varieties of jewellery, displayed through a systematic process in Sia. Customer-related schemes of gift vouchers, credit note, privilege club, and festival collections are also undertaken at Sia. The Gems Club is the privilege club for frequent shoppers at Sia, who are rewarded each time with gift vouchers, special previews, and special discounts.
founded in:1995
Number of stores:150+

16. Orra

Orra Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Magnificence meets craftsmanship in Orra. The accumulation comprises of handmade perfect works of art, exquisite precious stone choker or a fragile neckband with multifaceted filigree, loaning itself delightfully with exemplary ear studs or conventional jewel jhumkas. Whatever your reason, there are an ideal bit of precious stone gems created particularly for you in Orra.
Owned by: Vijay Jain
Headquarters: Mumbai
Number of Stores: 34

17. Sangini

Sangini Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Sangini Diamond Jewelry was initially presented by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC). It is a declaration of adoration and fondness communicated by an admirer for his cherished and a sign that fortifies his sense of duty regarding her.

18. Moira

Moira Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

An extraordinary new range that unites two of Nature’s valuable manifestations – pearls and jewels – in a solitary, brought together an arrangement of sensitive, present-day plans are found in Moira. Made with care and exactness, the circular moulded pearls are supplemented with exceptionally chosen round jewels. Moira joins the appeal of radiant freshwater pearls with the stun of common jewels for the lady who is bound to amaze.

19. Karina

Karina Top Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Karina is a fragile blend of valuable rubies and perfect precious stones set inherently, to give marvellous a radical new significance. Energetic, charming and appealing, the accumulation is a pleasurable blend of these valuable stones that make the gems contemporary and chic. The accumulation likewise incorporates tempting emerald and precious stone adornments.

20. Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Malabar Gold and Diamond Jewellery Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the leading division of Malabar Group of Companies and is one of the quickest developing business aggregates. Malabar Gold and Diamonds outlets show a wide assortment of Gold, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum trimmings, taking into account the necessities of its multi-social and multi-national clients. The dominant part of decorations at Malabar Gold and Diamonds outlets are in 22K and jewel trimmings are in 18K.
Founded in:1993
Owned by: M P Ahammed
Number of Employees: 1300
Number of stores: 250+
Revenue:₹120 billion