1. The Kailasa Temple or Cave 16 is one of the 34 cave temples and monasteries are collectively known as the Ellora Caves, one among the most visited tourist destinations in Maharashtra.
  2. It is the world’s largest monolithic structure. Ellora Caves are well-known for its largest single monolithic excavation in the world, the great Kailasa Temple. The great Kailasa is a freestanding multi-storied temple complex dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  3. The temple is carved from top to bottom. The architecture of Kailasa Temple is notable for its vertical excavation, the work started at the top and moved downwards, rolling down the large boulders split from the mountain using steel rad drills.
  4. It was built in 18 years. This temple was built by Rashtrakuta king Krishna I in 756-773 CE, the Kailasa Temple, prominent of all the Caves in Ellora, has fascinated researchers and tourists for centuries. The archaeologists had calculated that it would have taken more than a hundred years to finish the temple construction.
  5. It represents Mount Kailash. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the architecture of the temple resembles the sacred Mount Kailash. Originally, this structure was coated in a thick layer of white plaster so that it appeared to be covered with snow like the sacred mountain Kailash and some traces of this plaster remain today.
  6. Larger in area than Parthenon in Greece. Kailash Temple is considered as one of the most remarkable cave temples in India due to its massive size, architecture and sculptural treatment.
  7. Intricate Sculptures and carvings. Almost every inch of the interior structure contains intricate sculptures and carvings in Ellora Caves.
  8. The temple could not be destroyed. There is an interesting tale about the Kailasa temple of Ellora. Mughal king Aurangzeb who destroyed thousands of Hindu temple also tried to destroy Kailasa temple. It is said that 1000 people were sent to destroy the temple in the year 1682. They worked for three years but they could not break the temple.