1. Mahabalipura, situated about 60 km south of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, is an ancient port town for its stone carvings and stone temples. It was built largely between the 7th and 9th centuries. This port city of Pallavas is one of a kind tourist destination worth a visit.
  2. According to the legends and history books, Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram was called ‘Kadamalai’ meaning the land of sea and mountain.
  3. It is a stone temple. Shore temple is built using the granite stones and it is one of the oldest stone temples in South India. It is one of the famous structural stone temples which has stood strong over the years.
  4. The tale of Seven Pagodas. Shore temple was named as Seven Pagodas’ due to its pyramid structure. The name ‘Seven Pagodas ‘indicate the existence of 7 temples in the past. Now only Shore temple remains to tell the tales of the past.
  5. It is known for a landmark. In the time of Pallava dynasty, Mahabalipuram was a popular trading port. It is said that the Shore Temple acted as a landmark for the navigation of ships.
  6. The existence of Mamallapuram and the seven Pagodas have been recorded by some European travellers. It indicates the popularity of the port and its trading connections outside India.
  7. There are five chariots dedicated to the Pandavas.