1.Origins of Rugby

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 1Rugby is similar to football which is called as rough game.It is believed to be developed in a England rugby school  in 1800’s.William Webb Ellis,founder of Rugby sport caught the ball during a game of soccer at Rugby school.He ran with it entirely changing the game called Rugby.The first international ruby match was played in 1871 between Scotland and England.It is rapidly gaining importance in North America.The Rugby Football Union(RFU)  was formed in 1871.It is getting popularity in almost all the country. Rugby,without any doubt,is one of the greatest sports and it is watched by millions.


2.Rugby was not an Olympic game for 91 years

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 2Rugby has not an Olympic sport for 91 years.The United States of America are the reigning Olympic rugby champions. Why we didn’t make it an event at London 2012 is beyond us!.Rugby sevens at the 2016 Summer Olympics was held over six days in August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The 2016 Olympics was the debut for rugby sevens at the Summer Olympics, though rugby union was last played at the 1924 games.Rugby has only been played as an Olympic sport four times.

3.The First Rugby balls are plum-shaped

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 3The first rugby balls are plum-shaped because they were made of pig bladders.In the late 1800’s they were slightly egg shaped and made from rubber inner tubes.They have now evolved to the oval shape of today.As oval shapes are easier to catch,catch and run with.






4.National anthem and Rugby game

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 4The very first time national anthem was sung prior to any sports game,it was at rugby game.It happened in 1905,when Wales played  New Zealand.Wales sang there anthem “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” after New Zealand danced the Haka, a war dance. Both the dance and the song were meant to try and intimidate the opposition.




5.Rules to play Rugby

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 5Rugby involved two teams of fifteen players each.The objective of the game is to run or kick the ball across the opponent’s goal or kick it up and through the posts.It is similar to football but there is no forward passing or time-outs.

6.Same Whistle is used from first openings to till today

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 6It may seems to be surprising but the truth is truth.It turns out that rugby players are sentimental bunch.They are using the same whistle to open the first game of the World cup since 1905.It is called as the Gil Evans Whistle,named after the Welsh ref to first use it.




7.Rugby influenced the invention of basketball

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 7Naismith was a versatile  athlete who invented  basketball used his experience football,lacrosse,hockey,baseball and finally Rugby to develop new sport called Basketball.He wanted to keep his players in peak physical condition in the off-season.

8.Someone died from blowing up too many pig bladders

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 8Richard Lindon was instrumental in the design of modern-day rugby ball.But his poor old wife paid the ultimate price after breathing in the air from one too many diseased urine sacks.She fell ill with lung disease and passed away.




9.English are quite good at Rugby

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 9English won the world cup in 2003,and the former England player Jonny wilkinson has scored the most Rugby world cup points (277).He’s also played the most matches.





10.The try has no points originally

Top phenomenal facts about Rugby image 10A try originally gave a team no points.When it was first introduced the only way to score was by kicking a goal.The try simply gave the team the right to do a place kick for points.Hence it gave them a try for goal.