Toyo Tires Top 14th Tyre brand in the world

Founded: 1945

Headquarters: Itami, Hyogo, Japan

Revenue: $ 3.82 billion (2018)

Number of employees: 10292

History: Toyo Tyres are 14th, the Most Valuable Tyre Brands. it has a revenue value of 3.82 billion US dollars in 2013. Toyo Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. is a tire and elastic items organization situated in Japan, possessed by, the Toyota Corporation.


YearNo of employeesRevenue(in Billion Dollor)Sales
2016Column 2 Value381.64Column 4 Value
2017Column 2 ValueColumn 3 ValueColumn 4 Value
201841033.8Column 4 Value
201910292Column 3 ValueColumn 4 Value