There are thousands of places on earth; less known to humans.  THANK GOD! Some of these places are truly amazing & Some are just unbelievable.

Magnetic Mountain – India

Magnetic Hills Leh Ladakh

Magnet Mountain located near Leh in Ladakh, India, gives the impression that any object placed nearby is pulled by the mountain. However, it’s an illusion created by the landscape of that hill. The hill road is actually a downhill road. Objects and cars on the hill road may appear to roll uphill in defiance of gravity when they are, in fact, rolling downhill.

Death Valley’s Moving Stones – USA

Death Valley Wandering rock

Mysterious trails made by rocks. Boulders( rocks ) weighing up to 700 pounds leaves a long trail behind them. Evidence suggests these huge stones move across the race track surface. Many people believe that; extraterrestrials power moves these rocks. No human has ever seen these boulders actually moving. However, Some scientists theorize that it happens when intense winds push the rocks across the frozen land surface.  WATCH VIDEO

Eternal Flame Falls

A mysterious flame that burns underneath a waterfall in Orchard Park, New York. This Eternal Flame consistently burns from natural gas that works its way through the shell, Millions of years ago, organic material got trapped and decomposed into natural gas. WATCH VIDEO

Devil’s kettle

A natural phenomenon along the Brule River known as Devil’s Kettle. A waterfall that splits into two;  one half falling below 50 feet into the rivers whereas the other half falling into a large hole into the ground that seems to go nowhere. There is a belief that anything thrown into the Devil’s Kettle will never be seen again. Scientists have conducted dozens of experiments to determine where the water is going; by throwing ping pong balls, trackers, etc… but none of them were ever found again. In 2017 the mystery of Devil’s Kettle is believed to be solved; the hydrologist working for The Minnesota Departement of Natural Resources conducted a simple experiment. they measured the water flowing into the river; above and below the waterfall. They found water flowing above was 123 cubics feet per second and below was 121 cubics feet per second. In the world of stream gauging, those two numbers are essentially the same. This proves that the water seems to disappear briefly before coming out to the other side to rejoin the other water. Scientists have discovered 48 species in the cave insects; 33 of which previously unknown. WATCH VIDEO

Movile Cave

Unbelievable Places On EarthMovile Cave is one of the most isolated places in the earth, Movile Cave is in Mangalia, Constanța County, Romania. It was discovered in 1986 by a prospecting crew while looking for a place to build Geo-Thermal Power Plant. It has been isolated from the rest of the earth for millions of years. More than 20 meters underground the cave is pitch dark, warm and full of toxic gas ( Phosphorus ). This cave is totally sealed up in all directions. There is no sunlight, no human known food, and no water. Interestingly, it has its own ecosystem with life. There are millions of bacteria and other living beings. All of them are completely transparent since they don’t have sunlight. They use chemosynthesis from the chemical reaction to generate their food

Mount Roraima

unbelievable place Mount RoraimaMount Roraima is a mystical mountain stand between Venezuela, Guayana, and Brazil. Mount Roraima is a giant flat top mount stand in the least known region on earth. This is regarded as the oldest mountain on earth. Strange animals and plants are found nowhere else on earth are found on Mount Roraima. The famous novel “The Lost World” was inspired by this mountain. The landscape on the summit of Mount Roraima has not changed for 120 years. There are many prehistoric structures that resemble a dinosaur. There are some vast rivers and falls on this mountain and some rare carnivorous plants are found on this mountain. Black frog called oreo filaria is found on Mount Roraima which predates dinosaurs.

Ram Setu

Mysterious PlaceThe satellite has sent back images of a chain of largely submerged objects between India & Srilanka. On closer analysis of the satellite images; Investigators calculated the line of rocks is over 30 miles long. What is amazing about these rocks is; It is mentioned in a Hindu mythology “Ramayana”. According to this Legend Lord Rama placed a bridge here. Scientific analysis reveals that these rocks are at least 7000 years old. How these stones got here is a mystery.

Sea splits up and a path is formed

Sea Split into two kerelaIn Kerela, India after floods sea has split and a path of about 1km long is formed. It has become a hot tourist destination. Analysts have warned that this sand bed might disappear anytime, it is quite surprising how this was formed! and scientists are still investigating this.

Floating Islands

World Largest Island ParkThe National Floating park Island, India, In Manipur India, there is the world’s largest and only floating Island park. It covers an area of 40 km2. The island is in Loktak Lake (the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India). It is made from decomposed plant material called phumdis. Phumdis keep the island afloat. There houses and schools on some of these islands.

Hessdalen lightsHassdalen Lights mystery

The Hessdalen lights are unexplained lights.  Hessdalen lights are a phenomenon so frequently seen, tracked videoed that on one can deny it. But no one knows what exactly they are and why they even appear. The lights have been reported since the 1940s. They have been radar tracked at 30,000 kph, and they appear in the exact same valley, several times a year. The lights were seen an astonishing 15-20 times a week.


Circles of Namibia

Circle Of NamibiaNamib desert is covered with mysterious patterns called FAIRY CIRCLES. The circles, or rings, ranging in size from about 12 feet to about 114 feet in diameter and consist of bare patches of soil surrounded by rings of grass. Some researchers believe that they are caused either by termites or plants competing for water or both. Namibia’s fairy circles are still considered as one of nature’s greatest mystery.


Boiling River Amazon

Boiling River considered being a myth until it was discovered. This river is hidden in the dense jungle of the Peruvian Amazon. The river water temperature ranges from 120-210 degrees Fahrenheit. Though the water is not extremely hot; it is hot enough to boil anything from inside. Birds, mammals falling in this river gets cooked inside-out. The water dept is measured up to 16 feet.


FIREFALL – Yosemite Horsetail Falls

Yosemite Horsetail Falls nature scienceYosemite Horsetail Falls is located in Yosemite national park, California, USA. Yosemite national park has high mountains and deep valley. There are many falls in the Yosemite park. Yosemite Falls is the world’s fifth-highest waterfall on earth. Yosemite Horsetail Falls is better known as Firefall. Firefall is one of the park’s most amazing spectacles; Around the second week of February, the setting sun’s light falls exactly the same angle to illuminate the upper reaches of the waterfall and when the conditions are perfect; the hostile falls glow orange and red; giving the illusion it’s on fire.


“Avatar” Mountain – China

AVATAR Mountain art by natureAvatar Hallelujah Mountain is a mountain, a 1,080 meters quartz-sandstone pillar, located in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, in the Wulingyuan Area, in northwestern Hunan Province, China. These mountains inspired the sets for the movie AVATAR. These are unique mountains ever found anywhere on earth. The Bailong Elevator, located deep in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China is the world’s tallest outdoor lift,  standing at 326 meters.


Stone Forest, Kunming, China

Stone Forest, Kunming, ChinaStone Forest in Kunming, China is an incredible landscape. This area was a shallow sea somewhere about 270 million years old. Due to extensive deposits of sandstone and limestone erosion this forest of rock was formed. The formation site is classified as an AAAAA-class tourist site.


Fingal’s Cave

Fingal's Cave Architecture by natureFingal’s Cave is a spectacular natural formation of black basalt columns created by volcano explosion 60 million years ago. Fingal’s Cave is a sea cave on the uninhabited island of Staffa, Scotland. This cave is unlike any other cave found so far. It looks like a hut with a straight pillar and the roof; like a hairstyle of rocks.


Marble Caves- chile

Marble Cave Most beautiful LandscapeMarble Caves is The Famous Attraction of Chile. The Marble Caves are an unusual geological formation located at the center of the lake.  This might be the most beautiful natural wonder.  The underside of the peninsula has eroded into a series of solid psychedelic marble caves with undulating colors of teal yellow, purple and green.


Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Unbelievable Places On Earth Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the world’s most photogenic places in the world. Antelope Canyon is a natural maze of abstract shapes. From above Antelope Canyon looks like any other stretch of Arizona desert. But after descending inside you will feel the beauty of nature. Antelope Canyon shapes are carved by wind and water. Some parts are so narrow that only one person can pass at a time.


Rainbow mountains – Peru

Rainbow Mountains amazing places on earth

rainbow mountains or Vinicunca ( Real Name) is in Peru, It is also known as Montaña de Siete Colores (Spanish) which means mountains of seven colors. They are only discovered 5 years ago, Take it as an achievement( Anything human claim to discover, do not last long). It stands at 5200 meters above sea level. This one of the most magnificent geological features in the world. Rainbow mountains’ colors range from turquoise to lavender to maroon & gold. The mountain has different colors because of different kinds of minerals on the surface and probably beneath it.


Ice cave in Iceland

Iceland's Ice Caves Unbelievable Place

Iceland Ice Caves are a natural phenomenon, Vatnajökull Ice caves are the largest ice caves in the world, It covers about 8% of Europe. If you are planning to visit this place? Better do it now, due to global warming we might lose this soon.



Rainbow River In Colombia

Unbelievable facts about Rainbow River

Rainbow River In Colombia is called Caño Cristales is a Colombian river located in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. The river is commonly called the “River of Five Colors”. It changes color because of macarenia clavigera plant. The color depends on the light and water condition. Caño Cristales river has beautiful circular rock pools.


Tunnel Of Love in Ukraine

Facts about Tunnels of love


The Dragon’s Triangle – Japan

Unbelievable facts about Dragon Triangle


Mexico’s Zone of Silence

Unbelievable Place exist on earth


The Largest cave in the world

Hang Son Doong is the largest cave in the world located in the middle of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in the Quang Binh province of Vietnam. It is the lost world below the surface carved out by underground spring over 400 million years ago. It stretches for over three miles (five kilometers), and it reaches heights of 650 feet (200 meters). It has its own forest, own ecosystem and clouds.


Dead Sea – floatUnbelievable facts about Dead Sea


Underwater Waterfall

Underwater Waterfall found in Mauritius; an Island nation in the Indian Ocean. Here, you will find a fascinating illusion when you view it from above, A runoff of sand and silt deposits creates an illusion of an underwater waterfall.

Denmakar Strait Cataract

Denmark Strait Cataract located in the Atlantic ocean is the highest waterfall. Yes, you heard it right! This underwater waterfall is higher than an angel falls with water falling more than 11,000 feet.

North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is about 59.67 km2 in area and is located in the Bay of Bengal, India. The entire island, other than the shore, is forested. So what is amazing about this? Well, this island is habited by tribes called SENTINELESE. They are one of the World’s Most Isolated Tribe. They have rejected any contact with the outside world. This place has been isolated for more than 60,000 years. They are believed to be the descendants of people who have migrated out of Africa thousands of years ago. Visitors are not welcome on this Island, anyone who trespasses int0 this island is killed with spears and arrows by SENTINELESE. It is estimated that 40-500 or even more people could be living there. Their language is very unique among other tribes in the region. In the late 1800s, British explorers kidnapped a group of  SENTINELESE and later some of them died of the disease. Some efforts were made to contact them. In 1991 a brief contact was made since these people are not immune to the disease of the rest of the world; It’s been concluded that their isolation is the best for them. They are protected under Indian Law. I haven’t put any video link for this because nothing authentic has been found so far. No one really knows anything about this place. Live and let live!