I read an article on BBC “Physics suggests that the future is already set in stone” which suggests the future is set, Everything is predefined; your life is not in your control.

This is funny because as we Hindus have always believed in this and for ages, we are following Kundali ( a birth chart. It is a map of the sky as seen at the time of birth. It is the basis of predicting the future in astrology.)

Science and the West have always made fun of Hindu culture; whether it’s about how we treat cows or how we believe in certain things that contradict today’s science.

I believe today’s science is too primitive to understand ancient science.   Things that we see today is just a part of our past. For instance; Science suggests before 8,700 BCE we were living in the stone age,  i.e we didn’t have access to technologies but if we look at some ancient structures; it suggests the other way.

This also reminds me of today’s Pandemic, which I believe isn’t new, We had faced this or similar pandemic many times before, which makes me look inside Hindu culture more.

If anybody dies in Hindus; they have a system of quarantine for 13 days, their family is called untouchable for 13 days. The one who performs all rituals have to stay away and consume food without salt for 9 days ( Science should show some interest in this “why food without salt?” )

This shows there is a lot to learn from our old cultures, Things that we see in our culture may not be all superstition, They must have some resemblance with our past, though those teachings have lost a long back and we are just following them without much logic.

How can our future be predefined?

Our future can be predefined if we are a part of a system, every system has a predefined beginning and an end. At times I strongly believe we are not a part of nature but something that is designed by some aliens. If we consider ourselves as a highly developed machine, It is likely that we are controlled by our creators or were controlled by our creators. The control system could be sent in the form of a signal or something from different planets, Hence these planet positions affect us or used to affect us.


Palmistry, is palm reading technique, is the practice of fortune-telling through the pseudoscience study of the palm. The practice is found all over the world, many of us might have experienced this, Though most palmists these days have very little knowledge or no knowledge at all. If you find a good palmist, it is likely that; he can tell many things about your past and your future.

How can this be possible?

If we consider ourselves as a mechanical system, Like every electro-mechanical system which has circuits, that are responsible for the transfer of electrons. These circuits are responsible for carrying many activities. Now let’s say our palm lines are more of a line of circuits, A circuit engineer can tell how long a few activities will last, he can also tell which circuits are weak and how it will affect some of our activities.

Jyotish Shastra ( Astrology )

The term shastra means; a set of rules or manual, Jyotish Shastra is an ancient study of futuristic events that may occur based on planetary position. Jyotish shastra explain how planetary position can affect an individual and the earth and what natural calamities may occur at a certain point in time.

Anything that science cannot explain becomes either a superstition or a pseudoscience, You only know when you get a chance to study ancient knowledge and be able to decode it.  Today’s science is more like a student who has passed an exam copying a textbook that he says was never published.

Anyway, So as per Jyotish shastra you can predict the future, the point is if you can predict something it must be fixed, This also tells us that the future is all set.